Mar 28, 2016
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My wife’s Camaro is something I will never get tired of shooting. The raw American Muscle of a 408 roaring down the street is something I have been wanting to capture for a while now. This car will be going through a transformation in the near future and I wanted to document it’s journey. Until then, roll the windows down, cruise the open roads and just enjoy life and take a break from all the craziness we all deal with day to day. I know for me there is nothing more stress free than that.

Camaro Front Motion_blogCamaro Back Motion_blog

Model: 1967 Chevy Camaro | CANON 5D MII | Rokinon 14 mm | ƒ22 | 0.3 sec | ISO 100 | VSCO Kodak UltraMax 800 Vibrant | March 26th, 2016