Jan 05, 2016
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Ahh 2016 is finally here. I got my Christmas decorations put away and my garage/studio back¬†together in the aftermath of the holidays. So with that I finally got to test out my new Alien Bee light setup. I’m very grateful (and lucky) to have such a beautiful wife who will put up with me and pose for me when I have these random ideas.

This particular setup is an Alien Bee 800 on a 22″ Beauty dish (with diffuser) just above my camera and a white filler card just below the camera to bounce the light back up to get rid of some of the harsh shadows. Camera was my trusty Canon 5DMii with a Sigma 35mm Art lens.

For this shoot I just had her put her headphones on to some good music and just let her have fun and get into her groove. I find that models will produce a better result the more relaxed they are. I hate forcing a smile, instead I try and make them laugh to get that genuine look.

Jackie_02 web Jackie_03 web Jackie_04 web Jackie_05 web Jackie_06 web

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