Aug 18, 2015

I bought a Westcott Ice light some time ago and haven’t really played with it too much so I wanted to play with it a bit to see if it lived up to the hype. I know the new version fixed issues with the original which I have. Removable battery, 2x brighter and digital display are all great improvements, but my biggest gripe is the brightness. This is funny because my wife commented on how hard it was to look at when I took this shot, but to get a sharpness where I liked I had to compromise on some settings that I do for studio sets. I kicked the ISO up to 800 and lowered the shutter to 1/25 sec. One thing I will note though is it seems like this light was made to compliment the Sigma 35mm ART. I didn’t care for the results with the earlier test with my Canon 100mm 2.8L. However I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I got a nice crisp image with a lower shutter speed. I know 1/25 isn’t too bad, but I like to be around 125 when I shoot to make sure there is no blur.

All in all, I love this new addition to my camera bag. It has me wanting to get the Ice Light 2 for the new features. I’d say it’s worth checking out.

Agfa Scala 200_web

Model: Jackie Stolarski | CANON 5D MII | SIGMA 35 mm | ƒ5 | 1/25 sec | ISO 800 | VSCO Agfa Scala 200 ++ | August 16th, 2015