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Oct 12, 2015


Model: Myself | CANON 5D MII | SIGMA 35 mm | ƒ8 | 1/25 sec | ISO 100 | October 9th, 2015

Sometimes while everyone else is asleep and I cannot I breakout my portable studio kit and get creative. I started wearing glasses about two weeks ago and I’m finally starting to get used to them. Like usual I had a random thought. How is it that no one can tell Clark Kent is Superman when all he does is take his glasses off? I found myself staring in my bathroom mirror putting on and removing my glasses back and forth. Saying “Clark Kent, Superman” respectively over and over again. Tho I do like Superman, I’ve always been more of a Spiderman fan. He has more at risk than a guy who doesn’t (unless you have a green rock). So as I’m doing this I get a thought to do this photo series. Now I know it’s actually a Venom shirt, but it fit better with the overall feel and composition of the photo I was trying to get. Any-hoo, I digress into my nerdom. I had a lot of fun doing this and it goes to show you that sometimes the best model for the shoot is yourself.

So to shoot this I had my grey backdrop in the background. Now it was not actually wide enough to cover my composition but I ended up replacing it in photoshop anyways. I could of been closer physically to the background to compensate for that, but I didn’t want to pick up too much of the texture of the fabric and I also needed to fit a speedlite behind me to give a subtle highlight to the backdrop and the back of my head. I set up one more speedlite up high and to my right with a white umbrella diffuser. As you can see I’m pretty much looking right into it. I didn’t want to add another light to my left as I wanted some shadow but not too much. So instead I used another white umbrella diffuser propped up to my left to bounce some of the light back into me. Helping highlight, but not to overpower. This gave it more of the dark contrasty effect.

You can watch a time-lapse of how I did my edits to these images in glorious 4K video.

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If you run your own business where you need to invoice your client to collect money Square has made it easy for you. Besides doing photography I do a lot of branding projects for clients out of state. This allows me to bill them directly and have the funds sent right into my business account. No crazy transfers, requesting of funds or cashing of checks.

I’m going to break this down step by step, but this tutorial does assume you already have an account setup with Square and have downloaded the app to your mobile phone.

So lets begin…

First select and open the app on your mobile device.

Your home screen should look similar to this, but with any of your content. I have an online store setup to purchase canvases so that information is populated by default.



In the bottom left hand corner you will see a grid like icon. That is your calculator. Go ahead and select it.



Now you can type in any amount that you want to charge. (Note: I already have mine setup to charge for Arizona State Taxes so it already takes it into account for me)



Once you have the amount in and you have verified it you can click on the blue button that says “Charge”


Now you will be taken to a screen that will give you options on how to charge that amount. For this tutorial you want to select the invoice option.


Here is where you fill in all your information about the purchase and you can create a custom message to send off to your client/customer.


 Once you have that filled out you can now click the blue “Send” button in the top right corner.


And voila. Your invoice has been sent off to your customer. It’s that simple.



 So now that the invoice is sent your client will get an email that looks like this. So from here they will click the blue “Pay Invoice” button at the top.


 And here is the link that will open in their web browser. It’s fast easy and secure. Once they make the payment you will be notified via email that it has been made.



I hope this tutorial helped. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below.