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Feb 29, 2016

I have been telling my long-time friend Elyse for sometime now that she should do a photo session with my husband and I. She absolutely hates having her picture taken but I kept insisting that she went to the wrong people and that we would make it fun and relaxing for her. FINALLY I got her to agree to come over and do this photo shoot. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun we had doing it. Jon and I told her to bring a couple of outfits and to just have fun. As usual we got each other laughing extremely hard which made for awesome pictures. After completing the photo session her and I sat and went through the pictures together. We were both blown away as to how good they turned out. I was so excited for her that she finally had an extremely memorable experience with us and we definitely can’t wait to do it again in the future:)

Our main goal for our clients is to not look overly posed and stiff, but as natural as possible. She most certainly nailed it! I’m so proud of her. We all have a natural beauty in our personalities and my husband tries to make our clients as relaxed as possible so that it can shine in their photos. Elyse may not realize it but she really is a natural.

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Jan 05, 2016
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Ahh 2016 is finally here. I got my Christmas decorations put away and my garage/studio back together in the aftermath of the holidays. So with that I finally got to test out my new Alien Bee light setup. I’m very grateful (and lucky) to have such a beautiful wife who will put up with me and pose for me when I have these random ideas.

This particular setup is an Alien Bee 800 on a 22″ Beauty dish (with diffuser) just above my camera and a white filler card just below the camera to bounce the light back up to get rid of some of the harsh shadows. Camera was my trusty Canon 5DMii with a Sigma 35mm Art lens.

For this shoot I just had her put her headphones on to some good music and just let her have fun and get into her groove. I find that models will produce a better result the more relaxed they are. I hate forcing a smile, instead I try and make them laugh to get that genuine look.

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