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Jan 05, 2015
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Yes we do get winter here in the desert. Now normally it just gets cold here in the valley (yes, below 80˚ is cold for us native Arizonians) but every once in a while the conditions are right and we can get snow fall. Most of the time it melts when it hits the ground like most of the reports around Phoenix. If you have ever been to the Phoenix valley you know it’s surrounded by mountains and they are more susceptible to getting snow to fall and stick.

So ringing in the new year on January 1st, 2015 we were greeted with the right conditions and the Superstition Mountains had a nice blanket of snow. I realize that with the sun rising the snow wouldn’t last for long. So at 5:30am I made the trek out to the mountains to hopefully catch a gorgeous sunrise with a rare weather event and mother nature did not dissapoint.

_MG_2164 _MG_2161