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We finally shot our first engagement session due to the persistence of Danica and Kevin. When they asked us to shoot their wedding I tried to pass them off to a friend because we didn’t shoot weddings. However, they wouldn’t take no for an answer and to be honest it was hard saying no to them.

I realized I have passed quite a few clients off in the past who requested us to shoot their weddings because it was not a direction I wanted to take with my photography. Being the awesome friends that they are I couldn’t say no to them and it made me realize that maybe weddings have been a missed opportunity for us. So I’d like to thank them for not taking no for an answer and pushing me outside my comfort zone. They definitely rocked their engagement session and can’t wait to shoot their wedding in December.

If you’d like to learn more about our new wedding pricing just click here.

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There are so many things to say about this post I’m not sure where to begin without rambling on for awhile…so I guess I will just go ahead and ramble on from the beginning.

My job at Applied Materials sent me on a loan labor assignment to our manufacturing facility in Austin, TX. Once I heard about it I reached out online to my photography buddies to see who was in the area and I found Dave Wilson, the Scotsman living in Texas. I’ve admired his work online for quite some time and was looking forward to meeting him in person. We talked and it worked out that his local photography group was having an engagement shoot with freshly engaged couple Larin and Jason. They are friends with Julie (one of the togs in the group) and had graciously volunteered to model for us at the beautiful Dunvegan Keep. Now most of you know I am not a wedding photographer, but after my experience of meeting such a happy couple and shooting in such a beautiful place I am considering it.

The biggest challenge for this shoot was dancing around 5 photographers all trying to get their shots. We were all considerate enough to let everyone get their shots as we played musical chairs around the couple getting the different angles. Chris Sader was also kind enough to bring his lighting equipment to use as some fill lighting while shooting outdoors and I’m glad he did. So Chris thank you again!

I would like to give another shout out to photographer Chris Frailey. In one of our many encounters he mentioned how great the 100mm macro lens is for shooting portraits. I ended up using this lens for about 90% of the shoot and loved it. Going forward with lifestyle shoots I will be using it more. The photos were crisp and the bokeh was amazing.

I hope you enjoy viewing the shots as much as I did taking them. Again a big thank you to Dave, Simi, Chris, and Julie for letting me tag along.

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