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My online store with SmugMug expires this Sunday and I’ve decided not to renew it. It’s a great resource, but I just can’t justify the expense to renew it again right now. 

With that I’ve decided to drastically drop the prices till this Saturday evening (4/19/2014)  when I will cancel it.

Prints start at $1.00 for a 4×6 to $346 for a 20×30 ready to hang mounted metallic print and plenty of affordable prices in-between. So if you were on the fence about purchasing a print from us, now is the time to take advantage of this sale. We a little bit for everyone with art pieces, landscape to the ever fun toy war photos.


We will still offer canvas sales  as well as other prints and trinkets from our Society6 store if you are interested.

Click the link below to check out the sale:

Here are some additions to some of my previous posts MoodySkyline from this past summer I spent in Texas for my day job. Being a married man with kids in Austin doesn’t give you a whole lot to do, but luckily I had brought plenty of camera gear with me to keep me busy in my off-time. I took various trips on the weekends to chase a few storms and see the sights. I even got a text from fellow photographer and Storm Chaser Mike Olbinski while I was out chasing letting me know I was about a couple of hours away from a tornado in the Texas panhandle. As tempting as some tornado shots are I didn’t feel comfortable chasing alone. However, tornado chasing is still on my bucket list and someday I hope to say yes when my friend Bryan Snider asks me to go with him, but safety always comes first. Even this past summer some experienced chasers lost their lives to a tornado. May they rest in peace. I hope the reality of the danger is apparent to anyone who chases and puts safety above getting that perfect shot.

One of the other places I frequented was the old Pennybacker bridge. This beautifully constructed bridge amongst a gorgeous landscape is one of the many reasons photographers are drawn here. On the south end where I took these shots are some high cliffs you can climb to get a great view of the landscape. I ran into many photographers there trying to catch a glimpse of a storm or sunset.

I still have more shots to process, but in the meantime if you are ever in Texas enjoy the sites and the BBQ.

Summer, 2013


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