This year has definitely been a fun yet challenging year. We launched our rebrand of ONE7 Studios and pushed our business into new styles of photography. Pushing myself creativity and finding my style that separates me from my 100’s of fellow photographers. Originally thinking of the past year I didn’t think I accomplished much. Then I started reviewing my images for this post and tried narrowing it down and it was a lot to go through. I started many projects like ToyWar and Random | A Self portrait project. Some have found their end while others have found a new beginning.

So without further adieu here are my favorites from 2013…

Random | A Self Portrait Project

This was a series that was all about exploring light, textures and of course randomness to do something out of the normal and a bit more artistic.

Flour-4 Random3_web water_web-1_MG_1602


This is a new arena for me. I’ve always loved lifestyle photography, and to be honest I’m not sure why it took me so long to get into it. This year I got to do a model shoot with the beautiful Rachel, a couple shoot with Austin, TX couple Jason and Larin, and a maternity shoot with my gorgeous wife Jackie. Who continues to tell me she is not a model, but I cannot seem to take a bad picture of her either. I also covered lots of events for my good friend Jill of Impromptu Guru, and a couple of fashion shows for White House | Black Market in Mesa, AZ.

RachaelClark-84 RachaelClark-78 RachaelClark-66 RachaelClark-32 Larin-+-Jason_web-17 Larin-+-Jason_web-8 Larin-+-Jason_web-1 6months-7 6months-3 _MG_6112 _MG_6096 _MG_5975

Green Day

Yes, I do realize this could of been posted with the Lifestyle images, but come on. This id FREAKIN GREEN DAY!!! Photography wise this had to be my high for the year. I’ve been a huge fan since I bought their first album my freshman year of high school and I still have their albums in rotation on my music selection. So when I joined a photography group, I never expected to run into an old high school friend of my sisters. Let alone one who shot concerts and was always looking for help covering events when she was busy. So when I got a call about covering Green Day I was on cloud 9. Getting to cover the charismatic band The Stitches was also an added bonus.

GreenDay-79 GreenDay-17 GreenDay-78 GreenDay-72 TheStitches-10 TheStitches-2


This was most I had traveled in a year. Tiring, yet amazing to see so many beautiful landscapes.

skyline-web-1 Texas_Penny_web-1 SouthDakota_web-2 Oregon_web-4 Oregon_web-11 AshForkSunset_Web _MG_7268 _MG_8387


Social media has been a great way to connect with fellow photographers, designers and to make new friends. Many already know the story of ToyWar so I won’t get into the details, but feel free to check out my previous post.

All good things must come to an end. I do have to say that Chris and I both elevated our still photography skills to a new level.

toywar_web-7 toywar_web-5 LaundryDay_web-1 Showdown_Web

Art + Design

My background is design. I’ve been doing it since 1998 and I rarely show it here only because I’ve been pushing so much into photography. That does’t mean that I’ve abandoned it completely. When inspiration strikes and your client is 100% satisfied there is no better feeling of accomplishment.

Heath BryanSnider LifeCenter TheFootClan Mikey

So there you have it. My favorites from this past year. I would like to thank you all for following us whether you are a client, friend or photographer. We’re grateful for what we were able to accomplish and look forward to what we will do in 2014. So stay tuned and follow the randomness.


PS. If you are a fan of my work 2014 Calendars are still available and are now 40% OFF bringing the price down to $11.99. Merry Christmas!